Press Release: Ifac acquires Cashminder from Agrinet

23 Jul 2020

Ifac acquires Cashminder from Agrinet

We are delighted to announce that we have acquired Cashminder from Irish Farm Computers Ltd T/A Agrinet the farm software specilaists. Cashminder was developed by Agrinet as an easy to use cash management system that allows farmers to track their money and provide data quickly to their accountant, farm adviser, and to the Teagasc eProfit Monitor.

Cashminder’s data entry function is designed to receive electronic data from online banking systems and also from online dairy co-op systems, making the job of on-farm cash management easy and efficient.

We will add Cashminder to our range of services offered by our Farm Support Team, headed by Philip O’ Connor. Having recently launched our FarmPro service in collaboration with Bank of Ireland and New Zealand based, Figured.

Agrinet will continue to focus on it’s herd management software HerdApp which has been proving very popular with farm enterprises both beef and dairy across the country. Many dairy farmers can now easily access their bulk milk data on the HerdApp and more Co-ops are coming on line shortly.

John Donoghue, CEO of ifac said: “We believe Irish farmers need easy and fast access to financial-information; they want to know where they stand and have more control over their finances. Our ambition is to help farmers make great financial decisions and more profit and Cashminder is an excellent addition to our range of financial management services. Philip O’ Connor and our Farm Support team are leading the way in giving Irish farmers the information and advice they need to maximise their opportunity, identify risk, and achieve their financial goals.”

Brendan Scanlon CEO of Progressive Genetics and Agrinet director said: “At Agrinet, we developed Cashminder because of the very real need farmers have for up to date financial information – it’s an excellent tool that does an important job on the farm. Ifac, with its range of financial experts, will continue the work we have done and will provide the advice farmers need to make better decisions and more profit, alongside the Cashminder financial information. At Agrinet, our focus is on our AgriNet HerdAPP which is proving an excellent farm management tool.”


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