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Goals are wonderful, but we all know they’re just the starting point. There’s little point in having them unless you know how to achieve them. With our vast experience, wealth of knowledge and network of connections, we can help you do exactly that.

David Leydon, Head of Food & AgriBusiness

We start by listening

Being a valued advisor means being a sounding board for our clients. By listening and weighing everything up, we can help you establish both where you want to go, and where you should be going. Whether you’re looking to consolidate or expand into newer or bigger markets, our know-how and expertise can help you plot a course that avoids costly pitfalls.

 By listening carefully to what you’re looking to achieve, we can advise on getting there safely, making sure that you consider the implications of things like bringing in new partners, exit clauses, valuations and a hundred other things you could potentially miss if going it alone.

Financing your expansion ambitions

When it comes to securing the finance to support your ambitions, we have extensive experience and a superb network of contacts in all the right places. We’re aware of the grants and funding that are available to you, and we can help you answer any questions your bank is likely to ask. In other words, we can streamline the entire financing process and get you up and running more quickly and smoothly.

Corporate Finance

We provide a full range of advisory services on how best to source and manage your corporate finance requirements, giving you peace of mind that your current and future financial needs are provided for

Grants & Supports

Your business needs access to all the capital available to it, especially in the early days of your operation. We can advise you on accessing funding from a broad range of sources, along with the accompanying payment responsibilities.

Strategic Advice

Strategic planning is critical to the success of your business. Our advisors are highly experienced in putting the optimum structures and processes in place to enable our clients to reach their full business potential. By helping you to plan strategically today, we can ensure that your business will be in the best possible shape in the future.

Our experts can advise you across a broad range of businesses, from start-ups to established companies with multi-million turnover.

Profit Improvements

Planning for profitability is essential for any business if it is to create the surpluses that will allow it to grow and expand. We can help you tailor a strategic planning approach that is focused primarily on your bottom line.

Being able to predict your future profits is key to developing your plans for expansion, and a central part of being able to successfully borrow to finance growth.

Strategic Marketing

Developing effective marketing and digital strategies are crucial if your business is to thrive in a marketplace that grows more competitive by the day, across a roader number of channels than ever. We can help you to gain a true understanding of who your customers are – and what they want.

We work closely with our clients to develop action plans with key milestones and a range of KPIs that focus management attention on the essentials of success. We can assist you across a broad spectrum of areas, including Brand Development, Sales Collateral, Social Media Strategies and Design & Print.

There's always a way to do it better. Our job is to help you find it.
We’re focused on achieving your goals

At ifac, we’re constantly innovating, developing, planning and growing our way towards the future — so we understand the challenges entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders face. We bring that experience to the table when we engage with our clients, helping you to distil why you’re in business and what you want to achieve. Then we focus intensely on how we can get you there.

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