Future Planning

Map your future

Every business has a lifecycle and every business needs to plan for the future. When the time comes to plan for your next chapter, it's crucial you have a strategy in place that considers all possible aspects of your financial future and helps you make informed choices.

Marty Murphy, Head of Tax

Plan for the next chapter

You want to look the future in the eye and confidently say, ‘I’m ready’. Having a plan in place means that you can do exactly that. At ifac, we understand that no two businesses and no two individuals are the same, so we spend a lot of time listening to you and learning about your circumstances before we make any recommendations. Only when we have a thorough grasp of your unique situation do we start plotting your financial future. This tailored approach is of huge benefits to our clients.

Ensure continuity for your business

Do you have an exit strategy in place? What happens if someone who’s crucial to your business gets injured or falls ill? These are hard, uncomfortable questions, but they’re the ones you need to ask yourself when looking to provide security for the future. It’s the only way to ensure that the business you’ve built is able to thrive long after you have moved on to the next stage.

Planning for the future of the business is one thing, but you also need to think about planning for your personal retirement. The key question here is – can you build for your personal future at the same time as building a business?

We can help you create a plan and identify sound investments that match your appetite for risk, to make sure you’re protected against the unexpected.

Business Protection

Nobody likes to think about things like death or serious illness, but if they were to occur, do you know how your business would cope? We can make sure that you’re prepared for such eventualities through carefully selected protection services.

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Staff Incentivisation & Retention

Recruiting, motivating and retaining your key staff is critical to the long-term success of your business. In an employment environment where talent is king, it’s essential that you formalise the platforms that will let you stand out among your employer competitor set. We can advise you on the cash and non-cash elements that make up a successful staff reward scheme.

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Financial Planning

We can help you plan for a future with confidence, building a nest egg capable of supporting you and your family after retirement. In all cases, we look to protect you by offering a diversified range of options.

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HR & Payroll

We understand that on any given day, there are a hundred issues competing for your attention. Does ensuring your employees are paid accurately and on time really need to be one of them? Focus your energy elsewhere while our comprehensive, modern, fully optimised payroll system takes care of it. Our system ensures PAYE compliance and data confidentiality while giving you full visibility of payslips, revenue payments and reports via our online dashboard.

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Exit Strategy

Every business has its own cycle, and it’s important to make plans for when you eventually step down. You need to make sure that you’ve clearly defined how you will fare personally, and how the business will fare in your absence.

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