Day to Day Operations

Efficiency drives profitability

We know that running your business requires focus and attention to detail. We help streamline your day-to-day operations by automating basic tasks and giving solid advice on how to improve efficiencies in the two things you definitely don’t want to waste – time and money.

Dermot Carey, Head of Audit Services & SME

Understand your metrics

Metrics and margins mightn’t sound all that thrilling, but a thorough understanding of them is key to identifying opportunities to optimise your business. Through consultation or a full audit service, we can help reveal areas of your business where operations can be streamlined. Our extensive experience and knowledge of industry best practice helps us deliver advice that’s tailored to the unique needs of your business. So even if the metrics and margins themselves aren’t exciting, we promise you that the benefits of understanding them are!

Optimise your process

You need the freedom to focus on what matters. To spend your time planning for the future or tackling challenges, instead of constantly addressing the same small issues, day in, day out.

Our Accounting and HR and Payroll Teams can help you get off that wheel. They have extensive experience in the Food and AgriBusiness sectors, working with clients of all sizes, from start-ups and SMEs to businesses with an international footprint. Our modern, automated systems drive efficiency and add real value to your business.

Whether you’re looking for support for your in-house accounting team, or a bespoke full-service solution for your day-to-day accounts and HR, you can trust our proactive, expert team to get the job done.


For us, an audit is the best way to truly understand your business in detail, to identify the risks you may be unaware of, and to target the opportunities you may not have seen.

Our audits are conducted in accordance with auditing standards, relevant legislation and best practice. However, complying with statutory and regulatory requirements is just the beginning; we aim to add value to your business by identifying problems and highlighting opportunities.


We understand that while accounting is always on our minds, it’s usually the last thing on yours! Our service is designed to streamline your process, whether that’s by sending you one of our Mobile Bookkeepers, helping to automate your systems with online reporting, supporting your in-house team, or providing a full-service bespoke accounting package.

Tax returns

We offer a full tax returns service, for businesses of all sizes. We work closely with you to identify potential savings and to increase your efficiencies and reduce your exposure to potential interest and penalties.

HR & Payroll Services

We understand that on any given day, there are a hundred issues competing for your attention. Does ensuring your employees are paid accurately and on time really need to be one of them? Focus your energy elsewhere while our comprehensive, modern, fully optimised payroll system takes care of it. Our system ensures PAYE compliance and data confidentiality while giving you full visibility of payslips, revenue payments and reports via our online dashboard.

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Cashflow planning

In a rapidly changing environment, cashflow planning is a vital tool for your business. As global commodity prices rise, and COVID19 and Brexit continue to change consumer behaviour, we believe that modelling both the potential upside and downside of changes in the business environment will highlight vulnerabilities.

Our cashflow planning includes ‘what if’ analysis. This is a way of thinking through relevant scenarios for your business? This will help you put a viable contingency plan in place. Ultimately, those companies who are best prepared are the companies who will recover quickest.

Cashflow planning is also critical when raising funds – banking, venture, private equity or when accessing State supports. We have experience in all of these areas.

Brexit Advice

In ifac we have seen first hand how Brexit has impacted on a range of companies we work with. Increased costs linked to tariffs and transport disruption are major issues as is access to raw materials.

 Our customs team work with clients to ensure they are custom and tariff ready.

Your business plan is an investment, and like any other investment, it needs dedicated time and focus.
Putting time into planning how your business can evolve and grow pays dividends.

Developing your own planning cycle will make a sustained difference to your business, giving you and your team a competitive advantage that helps meet the ever-changing needs of your customers. Tap into our specialist knowledge and experience to futureproof this planning process. If you’re ready to elevate your business and reach your goals, we’re ready to help.

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