Talent doesn't always live in cities

At ifac, we know that talent doesn’t have a postcode, and a postcode doesn’t mean talent. We firmly believe that if you have the ambition and ability to achieve big things, you can do it anywhere. You shouldn’t have to leave the place you love to leave your mark.

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We recruit at all career levels and we look forward to hearing from you.

Louise Glover, HR Co-Ordinator

At ifac, life and ambition go hand in hand

Great people live and work in every small town in Ireland — you shouldn’t have to choose between your ambition and the place you love. With us, you can be big time and small town all at once; there’s nothing holding you back.

As a major financial services and advisory firm with 27 offices across the country, we’re uniquely placed to give you the opportunities and access of a big city firm, combined with the support, attention and personal touch of a small local practice. Expect a varied and exciting career at every level – we’ll have you tackling new challenges and meeting new clients daily, keeping you fresh, hungry, and constantly learning.

We want you to think for yourself

We seek out independent thinkers, then give them the freedom they need to grow and the support they need to reach their full potential.

We’ve built our approach around these three principles:

Learning and development
Learning and development
Autonomy and support
Autonomy and support
Work life balance
Work life balance

At the heart of life in communities across Ireland

We don’t just believe we can make a difference in people's lives, we genuinely do it. Every single day, we change the course of businesses, we have a positive impact on the future of families, and we support communities. This means everything to us because they’re our communities too.

From start to finish, our work is about our relationships – with our clients and each other, with our neighbours and our friends. Every member of our team is client facing, and every member of our team cares about what they do. This matters, and we’ll never have it any other way.

We’re unlike any other accountancy firm in Ireland. Our people, our culture, our structure, and most importantly, our dedication to our clients, make us completely unique.

Current Opportunities

We recruit at all levels and we look forward to hearing from you.

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