Growth and Expansion

Farmers never stand still

You know you need to plan for the future, but your days are busy and getting tomorrow on the to-do list can be challenging. Remember you can lean on us for advice. We’ll help you understand your challenges and identify opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

Philip O'Connor, Head of Farm Support

Creating a plan for growth

No two farms are the same and therefore no two plans should be either. Your plan should be based on your own circumstances, and it should play to your own unique strengths while taking advantage of opportunities you might not have even realised were there. Together, we can analyse your farm in the context of industry trends and developments, as well as your own personal, family and business goals, and create a unique plan that gets you where you want to go.

Putting plans into action

Whatever the plan, it’s likely you’ll need finance to make it a reality. Our Farm Support Team are experts in securing finance for Farming and Farm Enterprise. For over 40 years, we’ve been helping thousands of farms realise their ambitions for growth. We’d be delighted to help you next.

Our experience means that we know which schemes you should apply for based on your business structure, and we can liaise with your Agri Advisor throughout the process, ensuring your application is completed quickly and smoothly. From developing your strategic plan all the way through to drawdown of funds, we’re here to support you.


Imagine if securing the finance you need, at the right price, with the best conditions, was as simple as picking up the phone. We believe that dealing with banks should be this simple. After all, we do it every day.

At ifac, we have long-established relationships with the key financial institutions, as well as invaluable experience in preparing professional, comprehensive loan proposals. We can take the stress out of preparation and negotiation for new borrowings, and should the need arise, we can help restructure debt in arrears.

Grants & Schemes

EU and Government grants and schemes can be a great way to offset the cost of developing and growing your farm business. However, it can be difficult to identify which opportunities you’re eligible for, and that’s before you even begin the application process.

Our expert team is fully up to date on all schemes, both here and within the EU. We can help you identify the schemes and grants which best fit your circumstances, and make sure you secure the finance you need to see your ambitions fulfilled.

Farm Structures

Having the right structure for your farm lays the foundation for all your future growth. We understand the opportunities and limitations that come with each type of farm structure, and we can help you identify what works for now and where you want to be in five years’ time.

Once we’ve agreed on the structure that best fits you, our full service will get you registered and ready to go, so you can get on with running your farm with renewed confidence.

Whatever the future holds, we’ll be with you every step of the way.
We make a habit of listening.

From anticipating future shocks and making farms more efficient, to helping families with financial planning, we’re always ready with the advice and support you need to reach your full potential.

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