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FarmPro is ifac’s new premium service for future-focused farmers — combining expert financial reporting, planning and forecasting services with our new leading, dedicated farm software to help you better run and manage your farm business.

The oversight, insight, & foresight you need to make confident, informed decisions for your farm

Our new, easy to use online platform clearly & simply tracks farm data such as livestock and crop production — without the need for any additional data inputting on your part.

Your entire farming team can access your farm’s financial information remotely and in real-time, enabling confident and informed decision making, more accurate forecasting, and genuinely sustainable planning.

In tandem with the new software, our team of expert advisors will meet with you to plan and forecast based on the robust data that has been generated.

As your circumstances change, we react and revise plans with you, to suit your particular needs, year round.


Allowing you spend more time planning for your future, less time looking back. Grow with confidence, and fulfil your ambitions.


Collaborate with your advisors and stakeholders using real-time financial information — with all your data clearly and easily available in one place.


Forecasting and budgeting is easier, faster, and more efficient, meaning your farming team can focus on what’s important.


Proven next-generation farm accounting and financial management platform from Figured — our New Zealand based farm-management software partner.

Why FarmPro?

Track farm production

Track livestock, crop and milk production sales against operational expenses.

Consolidated Reporting

Group multi-entity organisations for streamlined reporting.

Real-time data

The whole farm team can collaborate online with one set of real-time data.

Rolling Forecast

Forecast cashflow, profit and loss, and balance sheet at any time.

Free support and training

Receive training and ongoing guidance from our specialists.

Multi-farm feature

If you have more than one area of farming, you can see how each one is performing.

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Download FarmPro brochure to find out more

Download FarmPro brochure to find out more

A new specialised service leveraging the best of farm software, farm data and financial advice to help ambitious farmers better understand the key performance indicators for their business.

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How FarmPro works

Our FarmPro service combines real-time information alongside specialist advisory, allowing you to better manage your farm.

FarmPro uses an online system which combines accounting, planning and farm production worlds into a single connected system. Using cloud technology, we combine accounts with your production information to provide a real-time view of your financial position against your plan.

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I don’t know much about accounting, will I be able to use FarmPro?

Figured, the software powering FarmPro, is easy to use once set up. You will also have a FarmPro advisor in your local office who can assist you.

Do I need to be an ifac Bookkeeping client to use FarmPro?

Yes, as FarmPro uses real-time data it is crucial that your accounts are updated regularly and the data uploaded to your online account.

Who can use FarmPro?

FarmPro can be used by a wide variety of farm businesses, from Dairy and Beef to Tillage.

Call our team today to find out what FarmPro can do for you and your business.

What does FarmPro do?

Using cloud technology, we combine accounts with your production information to provide a real-time view of your financial position.

This provides access to a variety of tools allowing you to forecast, observe trends, create budgets and more.