18 Oct, 2022

From Graduate Trainee to Partner, there is no limit to career progression

Seán joined ifac through the Graduate Program in 2017 and quickly excelled to Senior Accountant and subsequently Partner in 2022.

Embracing every opportunity

Growing up in a farming family, my strong interest in the Agriculture sector has always been apparent in my work. In 2020, I assumed the position of Senior Accountant in Cavan, and by 2022, I had advanced to Partner.

My role has varied over the past 5 years that I have been in ifac, from initially assisting in compiling accounts for farmers to now meeting clients on topics such as future expansion and succession. I try to be proactive in my approach to assisting clients and use foresight to help secure their incomes and protect their future.

With the Cavan office growing considerably over the past number of years, I was appointed as a second Partner in the Cavan office to assist Liam Young in September 2022. We now jointly manage the continued growth of the office, to help provide a top-class service to clients in the Cavan region.

"Working and contributing to my local community, whilst being part of a top ten firm is a huge advantage."

Making an impact locally

My role involves advising clients who are continuously growing their businesses and require advice on a number of issues, from financial to tax planning. I have been lucky to have been involved in the growth of numerous family farms that have gone from strength to strength.

I think there is massive importance in building a relationship with the clients to create a level of trust. This is done by meeting the client each year and providing expert advice that relates to their own business and needs. The client then feels comfortable and knows that they are in safe hands.

Great work-life balance

ifac has been great for my work-life balance. Being close to my community means staying involved in my local football team and local activities. We have a sheep and suckler farm, so being local means I work evenings and weekends on the farm. The fact that I can work for an accounting firm that is so highly regarded and so close to home is fantastic.

Eoghan Drea
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Eoghan Drea, Partner
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