Team Success Story

I’m all about adding value to the ifac brand and growing our marketing footprint.

Niamh Hand works closely with our teams across the company to bring the ifac brand and values to life.

I joined the team in 2018 after studying Marketing and Commerce and haven’t looked back! On joining ifac, I was something of an oddity with absolutely no connection with farming or rural affairs, but that hasn’t held me back, and the wealth of knowledge in ifac means you learn quickly. I came on board initially as an Assistant but quickly rose to the role of Marketing Manager.

I was initially attracted to the job due to the variety of the role. Working with a small but very committed marketing department, my job involves working closely with our Executive Team and offices nationwide, so I’m well versed in the culture and the people profile by now.

Our marketing team is very much results-focused and loves getting stuck into the multiple marketing challenges we face each week. Working closely together, the vibe is about ‘one for all and all for one’.

I work with genuinely nice, supportive people who are always open to collaborate

I’m never very far away from the ifac logo.

My primary job is managing the ifac brand - including a wide range of activities, such as online and offline advertising, website curation, social media strategy, brochures and guides, and event management. “Basically, wherever you see an ifac logo, my marketing colleagues and I have been involved.”

There’s great support in ifac to keep learning and growing your skill set. Since joining, I have completed a diploma in strategic marketing, upskilled in graphic design, and become a GDPR Practitioner with ifac’s support.

Fantastic opportunities within a single company

I believe there is a huge range of opportunities within ifac. My advice to newcomers is that you should ask, ask, ask – and grow, grow, grow. It’s only by asking for help and advice that you’ll grow in your job.

Seán McGovern
Success Story

Seán joined ifac through the graduate program in 2017 and quickly excelled to Senior Accountant and finally Partner in 2022.

Sean McGovern, Partner
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