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Garry McHugo, Farm Support Advisor

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Expert financial reporting, planning and forecasting with our leading, dedicated farm software to help you better run and manage your farm.

Accounts & Tax returns

We can help you keep track of your financial transactions while gathering vital insights that will help you plan your financial future.

HR & Payroll Services

We can manage your payroll from end-to-end and give you clear access to it through our easy-to-use online dashboard.

Our HR and Employment Law Specialists have the expertise and the experience you need to stay up to date with relevant employment legislation.

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Cashflow Planning

Cashflow is the life blood of any successful business, and can be the difference between simply ‘getting by’ or having the liquid assets to finance repayments, invest in expansion or plan for your future.


At some stage, your business will require an audit, whether it’s by Revenue or simply for internal purposes.

In either case, we focus on making sure that you are compliant, and look to add value by giving you a precise snapshot of your business that lets you identify problems and highlight opportunities. Adopting best practice, we work in accordance with the relevant auditing standards and legislation.

Outsourced Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeeping is extremely important in your business. It keeps track of your financial transactions and provides vital information for decision making. We have a national network of more than 160 Mobile Bookkeepers who will call to your premises to keep your bookkeeping up to date. The frequency of these visits is tailored to your requirements. We are the only accountancy and taxation firm in Ireland providing a recording service for clients on a professional country wide basis.

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