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We get to know our clients both as business professionals and as people.

Thomas Hayes can run a half-marathon in 65 minutes – and also loves going the distance for his clients.

I think my opportunities would have been limited if I’d stayed at a Big 4 firm.

Ifac have a reputation for hiring people who are passionate about their non-work interests, as it reflects an overall attitude to winning and succeeding. This is something that very much resonated with me. 

I walked away from a six-year stint with a Big 4 firm to pursue my love of athletics for a short time. I headed to Kenya to train at altitude with some of the world’s top distance runners. I got the the chance to run alongside athletes who were superior, and my times dropped steadily, with a PB of 65 minutes for a half marathon. 

There’s a real sense that we’re all in it together.

The chance to broaden your C.V.

Having spent a bit of time away in the athletics sphere, I decided it was time to jump back into the world of accountancy and joined ifac in November, 2020. My role as a Senior Accountant involves a lot of audit work with SMEs.

I know I would have limited myself if I had stayed with the big 4 firm. I chose ifac as I knew I would gain a broad range of experience, working with a multitude of clients, across varying sectors. 

Opportunities for career progression.

In many places, I think I would have been stranded in auditing, but here in ifac, I have the opportunity to work in Tax, Payroll, HR and SME, which paints a completely different picture in terms of career progression.

I also believe that there’s a more balanced lifestyle at ifac, and I enjoy the opportunity to spend a lot of face-time with clients, getting to know them both as business professionals and as people.

Our clients place a lot of trust in us, and we repay that trust by investing a lot of time and energy in getting underneath the skin of their operations.

Life at ifac in unique, if I have a query for a particular division of the business, I know that I’ll get a speedy reply. There’s a real sense that we’re all in it together.

Katie McLoughlin
Success Story

Katie McLoughlin came up through ifac's Graduate Training Programme to become a Corporate Finance Analyst with our national team.

Katie McLoughlin, Corporate Finance Analyst
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