19 Feb, 2024

The flexibility that ifac offers is more important today than ever.

Lorraine joined ifac, upon returning to the workforce after taking time-out to care for her young family. "As anyone with a family can attest to, it is a constant juggle, mixing family with work life. One of the things I am most appreciative of is the culture in ifac. There is a real appreciation that everyone has a life outside of work."  

I would definitely say that ifac is progressive, friendly, forward-thinking, and collaborative – and that extends to helping people with young families to get the best from both worlds.

Ifac’s hybrid model is a winner and has been a game changer for employee work-life balance. The Firm understands flexibility is essential and management committed to a long-term flexible model while many Firms quickly moved away from remote or flexible options post COVID. Ifac’s hybrid options are more important than ever.

"There’s a real culture of supporting each other to help make the collective stronger."

There’s always a listening ear

There’s a very strong ethos of achieving together, and this is evident every time I interact with my colleagues across the Firm. If anyone needs help or assistance, there’s always a listening ear and helping hands with no one left to sink or swim. It’s teamwork and collaboration all the way!

There’s a very big emphasis on authenticity. You’re treated as a person first – and an employee second. We are encouraged to bring our whole self to the Firm and participate in our high impact learning and mentoring environment. We are asked to be the mentor you needed when you were starting out and encourage each other to achieve our potential.

Exceptional service is the starting point

I believe that exceptional client service is very much the starting point at ifac – and we exceed expectations as a norm.

In terms of career options within the company, it's really encouraging to see team members explore various career paths without having to leave the company. Our diverse and dynamic work environment encourages internal mobility, enabling people to transition and grow within the organisation. Whether an individual aspires to delve into different areas of accounting or explore roles in management, ifac offers a supportive platform for professional development and career advancement.

I am based in our Kilkenny office but engage regularly with offices right around the network. My main responsibilities are in the areas of Employment Law, Regulatory Compliance, M&A, and Commercial Property.

Lorraine Donoghue

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