Environmental Charter


At ifac, we believe the environment is everyone’s responsibility, and we are committed to playing our part in protecting the planet for this generation and the next.

Our Mission

Ifac is Going Green.

We will build a shared understanding throughout our community on the climate challenges we face. We will educate and engage our teams across the country to bring their energy to making ifac a climate positive business.

Our Vision

To be a climate positive business utilising the best of who we are to create and achieve environmental sustainability in our community.

Why is Sustainability Important to us? 

Ifac is interwoven with the fabric of rural life in Ireland, and we are committed to creating, distributing and implementing sustainable environmental projects, that benefit our community socially and economically.

Our Commitments

We shall:

i)      Comply fully with all relevant legal requirements, codes of practice and regulations.

ii)     Assess the environmental impacts of our operations, continuously seeking to reduce pollution and improving our resource efficiency through reduction of energy use and waste.

iii)    Promote environmental and energy awareness in our organisation through participation and training.

iv)    Work with our clients to make more environmentally sensitive choices.

v)     Monitor our progress to ensure ongoing improvements in our environmental performance.

vi)    Communicate this policy to our stakeholders.

Environmental Policies

We shall implement the following environmental policies within our organisation:


  • Reduce our carbon footprint as part of a carbon management strategy.

  • Optimise energy efficiency and conservation in all operations.

  • Control and manage energy efficiency in our business and promote energy efficiency.


  • Actively promote  reusingand  recyclinginternally.

  • Minimise waste generation by applying reuse and recycle options where possible.

  • Minimise waste generation and unnecessary resource usage during the stages of planning and design, commissioning and operation of new and existing processes.

  • Reduce packaging where feasible.

Continuous Improvement

  • Set specific improvement targets, monitor progress, and communicate results internally.

  • Continually improve through the development of environmental performance evaluation procedures and associated indicators.

  • Develop specific objectives to continually improve our environmental performance.

  • Continually improve performance in minimising the environmental impacts of our business.


  • Choose suppliers and contractors that adopt best environmental practices and make this the procurement policy of our company.

  • Purchase products and services that have the least environmental impact where this is feasible.

  • Encourage suppliers and contractors to implement sustainable environmental systems.

Awareness and Training

  • Encourage environmental awareness in our organisation through appropriate communication and training programmes.

  • Promote environmental awareness throughout our business.

  • Ensure that all of our employees understand our environmental policy and conform to its standards.

  • Inform and motivate our employees and encourage them to play an active role in committing to our environmental policy.