15 Sep, 2023

Understanding Force Majeure Leave

When urgent family situations arise that require your employees to take time off work, they are entitled to avail of Force Majeure leave subject to certain conditions.

Force Majeure leave is unpaid leave enabling employees to take time off work when there is an urgent reason why they need to be with an injured or ill dependent or family member. 

The ill or injured person must be a person of whom the employee is a parent, a person to whom the employee acts in the place of a parent, or a spouse, brother, sister, parent, or grandparent of the employee. 

Notification and acceptance of Force Majeure leave

If your employee needs to take Force Majeure leave, they must inform you in writing as soon as is reasonably practical. This written notification must include details and evidence of your employee’s relationship to their dependent and explain the reasons why your employee’s immediate presence is required. You must then accept the notification in writing and keep records of both the notification and your acceptance.

How much Force Majeure leave can an employee take?

Your employees are entitled to up to 3 days Force Majeure leave in any consecutive 12-month period or 5 days in a consecutive 36-month period. 

Further information and advice on your employee’s various leave entitlements is available from our HR & Payroll Services Team at 1800 714 050.