02 Jul, 2024

New Extension to Automatic Right to Work

 The Ministers for Justice and Enterprise, Trade, and Employment have announced significant changes to employment permissions. The change will impact the partners of workers with selected work permits. This initiative aims to streamline processes and help skilled workers and their families settle into Ireland more easily.

From 15th May 2024, eligible spouses and partners of General Employment Permit (GEP) and Intra-Corporate Transferee (ICT) Irish Employment Permit holders who have been granted family reunification under the Non-EEA Family Reunification Policy will now receive Stamp 1G permission instead of Stamp 3. This change allows them to work in Ireland without needing a separate Employment Permit.

Key Highlights

Who is Eligible?

The changes will apply to spouses and partners of: 

  • General Employment Permit (GEP) holders.

  • Intra-Corporate Transferee (ICT) permit holders.

  • Critical Skills Employment Permit (CSEP) holders.

  • Researchers on a Hosting Agreement.

  • Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors (NCHD) on a Multi-Site General Employment Permit.

  • Spouses and partners granted permission under the Non-EEA Family Reunification Policy and legally reside in Ireland on a valid Stamp 3.

 The update will also apply to those whose partners previously held one of the above permits and are now on Stamp 4 permission.


Are there exclusions?

There are restrictions to the update, including: 

  • Family members other than spouses or partners of permit holders.

  • Spouses and partners on visitor conditions or Stamp 2 (study) permissions.

  • Spouses and partners without legal permission to be in the state.

  • Stamp 3 holders not linked to Employment Permit, Hosting Agreement, or ICT Permit holders.

Benefits of Stamp 1G Permission:

  •  Work authorisation without an Employment Permit.

  • Permission to undertake courses of study.

  • Not permitted to establish or operate a business.

  • Not permitted to be self-employed.

  • Annual renewal requirement.

  • Potential eligibility for Stamp 4 after five years.

What about current Stamp 3 holders?

For those already in Ireland on a Stamp 3, there is an automatic transition to Stamp 1G conditions. Eligible spouses and partners do not need to apply for a new Irish Residence Permit (IRP). Instead, their current Stamp 3 permission will be varied to match Stamp 1G conditions starting from 15th May 2024. A new IRP card reflecting Stamp 1G conditions will be issued upon the renewal of their current Stamp 3 permission.


Immediate Employment Engagement

 Eligible spouses and partners with Stamp 3 permissions can commence employment immediately. They can present prospective employers with a letter explaining the temporary administrative arrangement alongside their current IRP card endorsed with Stamp 3.

This change marks a significant improvement in the support provided to skilled workers and their families, facilitating better integration and contributing to Ireland's economic growth.


Mary McDonagh

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