14 Apr, 2023

It is a time of rapid transformation in business

Our CEO John Donoghue speaks about delivering high-quality advisory services, working on a diverse range of projects and growing our team on the March/April 2023 edition of Business Plus .

"It is a time of rapid transformation in business"

Activity Ifac had a good 2022. Our business lines grew significantly. Outsourced services and financial planning were two standout areas for us. Our reputation for delivering high-quality advisory is also growing fast, and we are engaging in multiple projects from business transformation to digital transition and new business generation in the SME and family business sectors.

Foresight is one of our values in ifac and we apply it every day with our clients. We are constantly scanning the horizon for opportunities and risks that might impact our clients and helping them to chart a safe, steady, and profitable course for their business. We are recruiting across the firm, and we have lots of opportunities for high quality professionals who want to make their mark.

Services The diversity of projects is huge. From business transformation to finance raising and digitalisation, we are being asked to bring our expertise to a wide range of innovation and change strategies. Owner-mangers are largely focused on business-critical projects. It is a time of rapid transformation in business. There is a severe shortage of people to hire and a massive demand for all kinds of products and services which means innovation is central to any growth strategy.

Owner-mangers are asking how can we do more with less? Technology is great but you need great people and time to deliver organisational change and innovation. Rapidly rising costs and the shortage of housing are major issues for our clients.

Outlook Confidence is high in general, with worried on housing, the availability of talent, and rising costs being the major concerns.