06 Apr, 2023

Ifac adopts new software to enhance employee connection as firm grows

We have adopted new software to enable our teams to share knowledge and enhance connection and communication across our ifac community of more than 500 people over 30 locations nationwide.

We have adopted the Cork-based global employee experience app, Workvivo. Our team will use Workvivo, internally branded as Ifac Connect, as our employee experience digital communication hub. The platform will also be used to boost talent development and retention.

 John Donoghue, our CEO and Managing Partner said: 

“Our priority is to ensure we retain our best people and attract the next wave of talent to ifac. To do this we need to continue to invest in our people, our technology, and our service offering. As a Top Ten Firm ifac is growing rapidly - we have made a big investment in building capacity and developing our teams, with an annual graduate programme intake of 25 people. We are also making a big impact in regional Ireland, helping our clients in the farming, food and agribusiness sectors to build and retain wealth – we estimate this at tens of millions of euros annually.

“We are committed to being an employer of choice for dynamic talented professionals. We offer flexible working and with bigger teams working more remotely, Ifac Connect will help us to elevate communications across the company, enhance connection and the culture of our firm, and support ongoing talent growth, development and retention.”

Gavin Wrenn, COO at Workvivo said: 

 "We are excited to be launching Workvivo for employees at ifac. It’s so important to keep employees informed, engaged and connected and it’s great to see ifac set a strong example to bring their employees together and streamline communications on the Workvivo platform. We can’t wait to see them put their ifac stamp on it and bring their amazing culture to life.”

 Ifac Connect will be the latest addition to the firm’s increasing focus on technology. Ifac already offers proprietary software called Cashminder to its farmer clients aimed at improving cash management on farms. It also offers FarmPro, a software-driven financial consultancy collaboration with New Zealand-based Figured, which supports effective budgeting and business planning/reporting through automated livestock and financial data.