13 Sep, 2023

Dough Bros: Crafting Success from Food Truck to Pizza Empire – A Journey of Passion, Adaptability, and Retail Expansion

Dough Bros is a pizzeria in the heart of Galway and is owned by two brothers Ronan and Eugene Greaney. They started the business in 2013 in a pizza truck and have progressed into the No. 1 Pizzeria in Ireland. Our Food Business Consultant, Stephanie Walsh, spoke to the lads to learn more.

Tell us about your journey so far:

Inspired by a childhood aspiration, Ronan and Eugene embarked on their journey in 2013 by launching a food truck, where they introduced their Neapolitan pizzas. The business, fuelled by their unwavering passion, took a significant step forward in 2014 with the establishment of a popup restaurant. In 2016, Dough Bros achieved another milestone with their first brick-and-mortar restaurant, solidifying their commitment to delivering the best of Neapolitan-style pizzas. 

Ingredients, Passion, and Adaptability: Driving Dough Bros' Growth

  • Quality key ingredients are fundamental to the business. Dough Bros work with the best flour to ensure the pizza bases are perfect. Dough Bros also partner with various artisan suppliers throughout Ireland.

  • Having passion, believe and fun was key to our growth. The two brothers thoroughly enjoy running Dough Bros – even in the difficult days!

  • The global pandemic helped the restaurant to pivot into DIY Kits and a takeaway business which made the brothers review their strategy.

What does the future look like for Dough Bros?

Dough Bros has some exciting developments in store for 2024 and beyond. They will continue to grow their Pizzeria business and add new and innovating pizzas on the menu such as curry cheese pizza! The brothers are hoping to open a self-contained pizza takeaway in Galway soon, offering customers the opportunity of takeaway once again. Not stopping there, Dough Bros are opening their first production facility, which will see Dough Bros restaurant-style pizza bases in shops nationwide in the coming months! 

How did you identify an opportunity to supply into retail?

The reaction and ongoing growth of Dough Bros through the restaurant and DIY Kits increased brand awareness and the confidence that there would be a demand in retail for their pizza bases. Gathering continuous feedback from customers about their products was an essential first step. 

"We completed a feasibility study which was crucial to understand the market landscape, potential opportunities and costings."

What did the feasibility study cover?

The study covered various elements from reviewing the retail market, understanding the competitive landscape, gaining market value data, completing tastings to understand quality and the price and a costings calculator. 

What advice have you for a business thinking about pivoting into retail?

Complete your research whether that is going into stores physically or talking to experts in the industry. Retail is a tough channel but when you understand the market it makes talking to retailers easier. A feasibility study ensures you understand the financial aspect of the business and what you may need to work on to make the product more profitable. 

If you have a restaurant/café and have ambition to sell your products into retail, it is a perfect channel to trial new products. Selling products in your establishment before you go to retail, will give you a sense of the market and allow you to gain feedback from consumers in a cost effective way.