01 Mar, 2022

4-Day Weekend this Month

The government has agreed to designate a once-off public holiday on Friday 18 March 2022 in recognition of the efforts of the general public, volunteers and all workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, and in remembrance of people who lost their lives due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This means we will have a four-day weekend because 17 March, St Patrick’s Day, is also a public holiday.

From next year there will be a new permanent public holiday established in celebration of Imbolc/St Brigid’s Day. This will be the first Monday in every February, except where St. Brigid’s Day, the 1st day of February, happens to fall on a Friday, in which case that Friday 1st February will be a public holiday. The new St. Brigid’s day public holiday will bring the number of public holidays in Ireland to 10.

Employees are entitled to a paid day off on the occasion of a public holiday. This in addition to any other paid leave like annual leave. Where employees have to or choose to work a public holiday, they are entitled to double pay or an additional day of paid leave so it will benefit all employees.

For further information on employee public holiday entitlements see: