We aim to drive sustainable improvements through our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework. ESG means we acknowledge that, as a business, we have a responsibility to our clients, our employees, independent contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders as well as the broader community in which we operate. 

Responsible & Sustainable Leadership

At ifac, we believe in supporting our communities, working with our clients and teams and playing our part in protecting the environment for this generation and the next.

We will build a shared understanding throughout our community on the climate challenges we face. We will educate and engage our teams across the country to bring their energy to making ifac a climate positive business.

Ifac is interwoven with the fabric of rural life in Ireland and we are committed to creating, distributing and implementing sustainable environmental and societal projects, that benefit our community socially and economically.

Our ESG Commitments


Assess the environmental impacts of our operations, continuously seeking to reduce pollution and improving our resource efficiency through reduction of energy use and waste.

Inclusion & Diversity

We are committed to ensuring that gender equality, diversity and inclusion are embedded into our day-to-day working practices. We actively promote engagement, fairness, respect, gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

Local Communities

We appreciate the importance of our role in supporting the local community and we believe that it is right to use some of our expertise and resources for that benefit. We work with many local and national charities and offer work placements to students from local schools and colleges.

Positive Workplace

We recognise that our employees are our most important resource. We actively seek to offer our employees a positive and healthy working environment and ensure that they have rewarding careers and job satisfaction and access to continued learning and development

Ethical Standards

We are committed to acting in the public interest and to promoting and ensuring professional and ethical standards. We are regulated by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland (ICPAI) and are governed by the principals in the ICPAI Code of Ethics.

Human Rights

We are committed to preventing acts of modern slavery and human trafficking from occurring within our business and impose a strict code of compliance and non-tolerance within our supply chain.

ESG Considerations for your business

ESG requires taking a rounded view of your business to decide how it serves both its internal and external stakeholders. The pace of change will keep accelerating across all three metrics. Review some ESG Considerations below and reflect on how each of these initiatives are currently managed within your business. Consider how you could develop an ESG plan prioritising a number of initiatives as your first steps on your ESG journey.

Environmental: Climate change, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Water management, Transportation, Recycling processes, Sustainable prodcurement, Greenhouse gas emissions, Biodiversity and habitat, land contamination.

Social: Health and safety, Inclusion and diversity, Employee benefits, Employee turnover, Human rights, Working conditions, Stakeholder relations, Impact on local communities

Governance: Ethical standards, Board diversity and governance, Sustainability oversight by Board, Executive compensation, Stakeholder engagement, Shareholder rights, Anti-bribery and money laundering, Cybersecurity

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