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Robert Johnson - Senior Tax Consultant

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Ifac’s team of tax specialists work with your local ifac office to ensure you get the best and most up-to-date tax advice.

Advice will include advising on long-term planning to ensure you have the optimum structure to minimise your exposure to tax. You’ll need various pieces of advice on your journey; everything from ad-hoc project consultancy to succession and estate planning. Ifac will work with you in all these areas.


I listen to farmers expressing concern about the service they are getting from their accountant. I tell them to join IFAC as I am very happy with the service I am getting

Pat Murphy Dairy Farmer

Young farmers need expert specialist advice, they need to be with an accountant who knows farming and farm income and transfer taxes. IFAC fits the bill for me and I strongly recommend them to other young farmers

Colm & Judy Diggins Dairy Farmer

I was of the opinion that I had a good accountant prior to moving to IFAC. IFAC’s service goes beyond the traditional tax accountant. Their service matches my plans for the future of my farm with top class tax planning

Larry Martin Dairy Farmer

You need an accountant who knows farmers and the business of farming. IFAC is a co-op and they know farming and farm tax, they are experts and I recommend them

Teddy Cashman Dairy Farmer