Building your strategy

A clear vision and focus are critical when developing your business, whether you are an early stage start-up or an SME business with strong growth plans. It is vital to have a roadmap for your business, where you want to go and how you will get there while maximising the financial return to shareholders.

Here at ifac we can assist you in developing this vision through our Strategy Consultancy service. Our Strategic Consultancy service encompasses the various elements of ifac’s offering to provide a comprehensive strategy which will include Financial Projections, SWOT Analysis, Customer Analysis (segmentation and targeting), Market analysis, Commercial Perspectives, as well as Marketing and Digital Strategy advice or any other research and planning that is deemed necessary depending on your business and industry.

Strategies can be built to suit your needs. Whether it’s with a view to selling your business in the long term or a succession plan to hand it over to the next generation, strategies can be put in place to accommodate future requirements.

How we help

Our Food & AgriBusiness strategy team are always on hand to help on a project by project bases also. This could be to develop business plans, conduct customer research studies or work with you on grant applications to gain state-aid from LEADER, Local Enterprise Office or Enterprise Ireland.

We like to build relationships with our clients, understand their businesses and their needs in order to develop the best strategies possible.

Do not hesitate to get in touch and we can begin laying out the future roadmap for your business.

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David Leydon - Head of Food and AgriBusiness

David has a wealth of experience in the food and agribusiness sector and looks forward to working with many progressive businesses helping them to achieve their goals. Ifac have the specialist team of financial accountants, tax experts, audit and pension to help food and agribusiness succeed. Fill out the form below or contact David on: 0879908227 or