Our Expertise in the Energy Sector

Renewable energy can be a valuable source of income for your farm. Capturing power from the sun or wind and converting it into electricity creates a resource which you can consume on-site or sell to the national grid. However, due to the costs and long term consequences of investing in renewable energy, it is vital to take tax and legal advice.

Investing in renewable energy must be carefully considered as there are many factors to take into account; planning, contracts, leasing, taxation and succession to name but a few. Your ifac team is here to provide expert advice on investment implications and assist you in determining the right option for you.



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Solar Energy

Solar Energy

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How We Can Help

ifac has considerable experience advising on renewable energy. We provide expert advice on issues such as contracts, options and leasing as well as on the tax and succession impact of renewable energy investment. Our objective is to ensure you make the right decisions for your business and maximise your return on investment.

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