Growing Forward Together

Our story is one of challenge and opportunity, ambition and success. The pioneering vision that led to the establishment of ifac over 40 years ago is still driving our organisation today. It has helped make us who we are and inspires our ambition for the future.

Brand Launch 09/01/2018


When Ireland joined the EU (then EEC) in 1973, Irish agriculture rapidly transformed. The guarantee of higher prices and support for farm and farmyard development boosted the confidence of farmers, leading to an accelerated increase in the adoption of new technologies to lift productivity. Coinciding with this, the first farmers were brought into the tax net in 1974, ultimately meaning that farmers were required to produce annual accounts to be tax compliant.

A number of visionaries identified the need for a specialist farmer-orientated accounts service and in September 1975 the ifac cooperative was founded.

Being a co-operative society means we are owned by our members, our clients. During our 40+ years, ifac has supported farmers and played an integral part in the lives of farming communities all over Ireland. Over these years we have grown and evolved to better deliver on the needs of those operating in the Farm, Food and Agri sectors.

This philosophy of mutuality and a deep connection with people who work on and off the land continues to define ifac’s success today.